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East Coast Supercharging / Paxton Supercharged ’14 C7 720whp/649wtq


THE BEASST Is A Gen. 5 Right Out Of Your Nightmares…

919rwhp on stock bottom end. Now, normally that is something that when someone calls that out, your immediate next thought is that they must be either lying or crazy. Well, thanks to technology, efficient boost, the right combination of parts, and the tuning capabilities of Matt Sorian @ FSP, the almighty power potential of the LSX shines through.
919RWHPThe crowd around the dyno at FAST AutomotiveThis is what 919 Rear Wheel LS3 Paxton Boosted Horsepower Looks LikeThis is what 919 Rear Wheel LS3 Paxton Boosted Horsepower Looks Like

Now, when we say stock bottom end, that by no means is trying to relay an otherwise stock car. THE BEASST has a myriad of modifications performed over the last few years to optimize the performance and output of the car into what you see here. The 2010 SS’ mod sheet consists of the stock LS3 bottom end, with TSP CNC ported stock heads (stock compression), Manley Nextec valve springs, Manley pushrods, LS9 head gaskets, ARP headbolts, LS7 lifters, Rollmaster Dbl Roller timing chain, Night fury cam, Comp cams trunion upgrade, Kooks long tube headers/no cats, 3″ exhaust w/Spintech mufflers, LS6 ported oil pump by TSP, stock oil cooler removed, 160° thermostat, NGK BR7EF spark plugs, and a stand alone fuel system with high pressure pump. On the power adder side of things, we have an ECS/Paxton NOVI 1500 Supercharging System w/ 3.33 pulley, Cold Fusion Nitrous plate kit (35 shot), and an Alky Control Meth Injection single nozzle.

The BEASST made 882rwhp on boost/meth, and the 919rwhp was on boost/meth/35 shot nitrous. All pulls done with 93 Octane Chevron fuel with C16 in the standalone fuel cell for nitrous system.919RWHP Dyno Sheet919RWHP Dyno Sheet Close Up

Putting the power to the pavement can be difficult with this much power, but the BEASST manages it with the original stock M6 transmission, a Mantic twin disc clutch, Redline Trans fluid, and a Hurst Shifter. Out back the stock differential assembly houses 3.70 LPE gears, Posi mod, LPW Cover, Redline shockproof gear oil, and spins DSS 1,400 hp axles. The car also features full Pedders bushings, cradle inserts, and sway bars, plus H&R Springs.

with 65,000 miles on odometer, a best E.T. of 10.94 @ 130, and a best 60 ft. of 1.56, you know not only does the car get driven, but it gets driven hard…even to and from the track (except once when he broke an axle).

So, tell your kids that they don’t have to worry about monsters in the closet or under the bed…because the BEASST is rolling around the street of Houston, TX.

Special thanks to Matt Sorian of Florida Speed & Power for his stellar tuning work on this project!

Joey Butel Has Done It Again, Breaking The 600RWHP Barrier In His Paxton Supercharged S2000…

Joey Butel's 600+RWHP Paxton NOVI Supercharged Honda S2000Joey Butel was a man on a mission. A mission that has now been accomplished. Not content at just being the owner of the highest horsepower supercharged Honda S2000, he had a target, and he was not going to be satisfied with until he reached it. That target was making over 600 rear wheel horsepower on his stock block, stock compression Honda F22C on E85 fuel. Impossible you say? Joey’s car is living, heavy breathing proof that it can be done.

Joey Butel's 600+RWHP Paxton NOVI Supercharged Honda S2000Joey’s new modifications that allowed him to accomplish his goal include Ferrea titanium valves w/dual v springs, a 4 row Fullblown radiator, a Reichard Racing ultra grip slotted S/C pulley, a custom idler setup allowing 270degrees of belt wrap, and of course the new updated version of the NOVI 1500 compressor, running at 24psi on E85. He has also recently added a widened set of front wheels (to 9 inches) with 245 Dunlop star specs paired with Wilwood brakes to help pull the car down from speed.Joey Butel's 600+RWHP Paxton NOVI Supercharged Honda S2000

Congratulations Joey – Mission accomplished!

Paxton Reid Has An All Mustang Family…

Jaimi Reid sent us a letter along with these photos to share their family’s love of Ford, of Mustangs, and of Paxton Superchargers!

Paxton's Mustang FamilyPaxton Loves MustangsHi. I wanted to share this photo we had taken of our family with my daughter, Paxton. She was named after your superchargers. My husband and I (and obviously our family) are huge Mustang fans. And as a result, she is too. If you ask her what she’s gonna drive when she gets big, she will tell you (with a bit of an attitude)….a Deep Impact Blue Mustang GT!” She wants a pink one too, but my husband doesn’t share that information often. She can also spot them from about 2 miles away. It’s a game we play while in the car. We call it “Mustang haha!” (that’s what she started screaming when she saw one, and it kinda stuck!) She usually wins! This game started when she was about 3 years old and we still play it today! She’s just turned 5 on march 13th.

When I called to order 15 Paxton FHD shirts, your service rep asked what this was for. So, I told him we were getting family pictures done with all of the family Mustangs and my daughter, Paxton. (We actually have more Mustangs, but due to a potential downpour that day, we didn’t get to use my uncles ’08 Shelby GT500, my cousins ’02 GT or my brother-in-laws ’69 Mach I! And, we have an ’70 Mach I, ’87 GT convertible, ’85 GT, and a ’90 notch in various stages of restoration!) He told me when we got this picture, to send it in and maybe you could use it on your blog. That would be an awesome addition to our Paxton scrapbook. Thanks for your time and your help!

Here is a list of the family Mustangs:

’69 Royal Maroon Mach I (390 w/shaker) – owned by Paxton’s Uncle Ron
’70 Grabber Blue Mach I (351 Cleveland) – owned by Paxton’s Daddy
’85 Silver GT – owned by Paxton’s Daddy
’85 Medium Canyon Red GT – Paxton’s Daddy
’87 Black on Black GT Convertible – owned by Paxton’s Mommy
’90 Black Notchback – owned by Paxton’s Mommy (will be Paxton’s one day)
’94 Laser Red GT – owned by Paxton’s Mommy and Daddy
’01 True Blue Cobra – owned by Paxton’s Grandpa
’02 Silver GT – owned by Paxton’s cousin Jim
’05 Torch Red GT – owned by Paxton’s “Aunt” Debbie
’08 Vista Blue with White stripes Shelby GT500 – owned by Paxton’s Uncle Tom

Jay, Jaimi & Paxton Reid
Gillespie, IL
Paxton's Family Mustangs

Alex V’s Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharged Coyote On The Dyno…700RWHP!

Our friend Alex V’s Mustang GT is making some serious power, thanks to his Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharger set at 12psi, some supporting exhaust modifications, and a stellar tune from Greg at Racer’s Edge Tuning. Better watch out if you see this blacked-out 5.0L beauty on the streets…it means business!

The Tjin Edition Roadshow Kicks Off 2013 At The PA Auto Show…

Tjin Edition Roadshow at the PA Auto ShowThis past weekend (Wednesday to Sunday) the Tjin Edition Roadshow kicked off the 2013 season at the PA Auto Show. This four and a half day event was a HUGE success, as this was the first major Auto Show with their all new 100×30 display. The PA Auto show marked the first show of the season, and it could not have gone any better as the show had 500+ cars on display and over 250,000 spectators over the four and a half day event.

Tjin Edition Roadshow at the PA Auto ShowThe massive 100×30 Tjin Edition RoadShow booth was located in the main hall right near all the OEM manufactures including Nissan, Toyota, Scion and Lexus.

Tjin Edition Roadshow at the PA Auto ShowTjin Edition Roadshow at the PA Auto ShowThe Tjin Edition RoadShow booth display cars included the Webasto Ford 5.0L Mustang GT featuring a Paxton NOVI 2200 Intercooled Supercharging System, Tjin Edition Chevy Camaro 1LE featuring a Vortech V-3 Si Intercooled Supercharging System, and the UTI modified Toyota Tacoma.

Webasto's Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharged 2013 Mustang GT at the PA Auto ShowVortech V-3 Si Supercharged Tjin Edition Camaro 1LE  at the PA Auto ShowWith their booth filled with spectators throughout the entire show, the Tjin Edition team handed out literature and talked about all our partners incredible products including Paxton and Vortech Superchargers, Baer brakes, GlowShift gauges, Royal Purple products, MagnaFlow Exhaust, Webasto sunroofs, Scosche and Realm audio products, Escort radar detectors, Forgestar, iForged and DTM Kreuz wheels, Falken tires, , and our incredible partners like UTI, Wheel Warehouse, Dayuum, and Gurnade.

Tjin Edition Roadshow at the PA Auto ShowTjin Edition Roadshow at the PA Auto ShowHere is to a great 2013!

Paxton Complete Supercharging Systems for 2011-2013 Mustangs Now CARB Legal…

These immensely popular Supercharging Systems are about to get even more popular, thanks to them now being granted 50 State Emissions Legal status by the California Air Resources Board. So now, over 600 horsepower along with daily drivable and ultra reliable boost is not only 1 Paxton Supercharging System away…it is also government approved. We may have to start putting warning labels on the packaging – “WARNING! THIS KIND OF HORSEPOWER MAY BECOME HABIT FORMING!”

*California Air Resources Board Executive Order # D-213-32. CARB legality applies to complete systems only. Tuner Kits are not CARB approved.

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Vortech Superchargers' Blog

Continuing with our coverage of the 2012 SEMA show, here you will find many of the vehicles throughout the show sporting Vortech or Paxton Supercharging Systems. From the North Hall to the South Hall and everything in between, we were everywhere you looked…and that is just the way we like it!

Vortech’s new V-3 H67BC Supercharging System for the Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ was on display in the SEMA New Products Display area, for everyone to come examine how the system appears all together, without being installed into a car; as well as how well the system was engineered, and how great it looks!

Daniel Song’s race prepped Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S GT wowed onlookers all week with its sinister looking full carbon wrap and Vortech V-3 Supercharging System under the hood.

Project Top Notch from Creations n’ Chrome is just about the most insane Fox Body you are…

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Vortech Superchargers' Blog

The SEMA show – the culmination of another year’s hard work, and a chance for individuals from every part of the automotive process to come together and either see what is new, or to show off what they’ve got. This year, the car of the show was said to be the Scion FR-S, and for Vortech it was no exception. Our V-3 Supercharging System for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ was the talk of the entire show, with 4 of the 7 FR-S’ in the Scion Booth rocking Vortech equipment, and several other very high profile cars throughout the show. Of course, Vortech and Paxton more prominently known for our American Muscle Supercharging Systems, and everywhere you looked was a Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, etc. with Vortech or Paxton NOVI boost setting them apart from the rest of the pack. Add to that some Euro flavor, offroad climbers, gorgeous classics…

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